As a aid, quick reference, convenience to clients and co-defendant attorneys I have developed a system that is fairly automated which captures the PDF files on PACER in multi-defendant and other single defendant serious cases I am involved in.  The sites contain the current docket entries and the actual pleadings filed in PACER in PDF format.  The site also contains other useful information including attorney contact links and so forth.  All the information in these links is public information on file with the court. Some of the sites contain "defense attorney restricted" links.  These are password protected and require a user name and password to access.   Use this at your convenience.

Angell, et al | Bowers, et al | Coronado_AClark et al  |  Rostie  et al  |  Folsom - Blake  |Flores, et al  | Ginn - ThomasHarrison, Et al | Hillyard _ LindseyJacobs et  alLain_Kenn  | Lara_Ruiz et al - Rose_KLarson  et al  |   Lombardo, et al   |   Marron-et al  | Richardson_Chad  | Strobbe et alTaylor_Cliff  |  Velo et al   |

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